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Layers Of Differentiated Assessment In Math Class

The York Region District School Board recently posted a YouTube video describing the “Comprehensive Math Program”.  Watch all 4.5 minutes of it. It is worth it. There are a number of important ideas, concepts, and vision pieces that I can take … Continue reading

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Math Talk Community. It’s more than just talk, it’s about addressing status and curbing the fixed mindset

Teaching math through problem solving or inquiry needs a math-talk rich community of learners.  A community of learners that is at ease with asking clarifying questions, advancing personal conjectures and awaiting feedback from peers.  This is an idea I have advanced elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Balancing Knowing Math Basics with Developing Mathematical Thinking

When a kid cant count back correct change @ the till its likely not because they dont know basic facts but they lack mathematical thinking — Dean Shareski (@shareski) June 7, 2013 So, what does it mean to think mathematically? … Continue reading

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PISA 2012 Results: What does it mean for your students?

In 2011, the school I presently work at developed a learning focus on enhancing math practice.  Through open, collegial, respectful, but at times difficult discussions, we teachers recognized a need to learn more about how inquiry or problem based learning … Continue reading

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Here we go…

Social Media has greatly impacted the manner and rate through which ideas are shared, negotiated, refined and accepted. I am blogging because I wish to share and receive refinement for my teaching practice as an elementary school educator and in-school … Continue reading

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