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Math Talk Community. It’s more than just talk, it’s about addressing status and curbing the fixed mindset

Teaching math through problem solving or inquiry needs a math-talk rich community of learners.  A community of learners that is at ease with asking clarifying questions, advancing personal conjectures and awaiting feedback from peers.  This is an idea I have advanced elsewhere. … Continue reading

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PISA 2012 Results: What does it mean for your students?

In 2011, the school I presently work at developed a learning focus on enhancing math practice.  Through open, collegial, respectful, but at times difficult discussions, we teachers recognized a need to learn more about how inquiry or problem based learning … Continue reading

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Doing a 3-part lesson does not mean you are doing math inquiry

Back in February 2013, I published a post ‘Thoughts on math inquiry…subject to change after I click publish‘. In that post I listed a few ideas I had with respect to math inquiry. One of the ideas I expressed was … Continue reading

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Math Inquiry or Problem Based Learning: Plan to be less helpful

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user: .michael.newman.) This is a follow up to my preparing for math inquiry blog entry.  In that post I explain that an important place to start, when preparing for math inquiry, is to focus on developing … Continue reading

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Preparing for Math Inquiry or Problem Based Learning: Where do I start? How do I start?

Inquiry or Problem based learning in math is not new.  It is the math pedagogy advanced by the Ontario Ministry of Education (2005) and is based on the belief that “…by learning [math] through problem solving, students are given numerous … Continue reading

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Math inquiry and planning – Where does the curriculum fit?

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user: Mark_twisT) How we view the math curriculum influences how we plan for learning in our math classes. If the curriculum is viewed as content to be covered, then it is understandable that there will be … Continue reading

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What Bruce Lee might say about the Math Learner

Yes, I am talking about Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do founder and star of martial arts classics such as Enter the Dragon. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user: comigirl) But what does Bruce Lee have to do with math learning? To … Continue reading

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