I am blogging because I want to improve my practice as an elementary school teacher and in-school math coach.

For now, the focus of my posts will be around my reflections as a teacher who employs an inquiry approach to math learning and a 1:1 digital device environment for students.  On the flip side it will also include reflections about my role as in-school math coach to my colleagues, where a 4C’s (Elmore) or Joint work framework is employed.

My blog will be written with an understanding that the examination of ‘teaching practice’ and not exclusively the ‘teacher’ is necessary to the improvement of pedagogy.  Therefore, this blog will not be a documentation of perfect practice.  Instead it will simply be a description of ‘present practice’.  Stuff I am doing now. Similarly, I may post questions I have or ideas I am mulling over.  The latter being what I am most interested in doing.

I believe that by posting my reflections and ideas I can transform my present teaching practice into improved teaching practice by receiving comments from readers, like you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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